EarWorks & SoundTravel


Independent film studio that provides a full range of sound and music production for the cinema

We collaborated with Wim Wenders


  • sound postproduction
  • music composition and consulting
  • cinema re-recording mix 5.1, 7.1, DolbyAtmos
  • sound design, adr, foley, sfx and field recording
  • co-productions sound and music supervising
  • music composers casting

EarWorks is a sound and music production company based in Warsaw. 

We deal with the entire process of creating an audio narrative for motion pictures. 

Starting with the screenplay, we take care of the talent casting, music consulting and composing, on-set recordings, editing process and the postproduction finalized with top quality cinematic re-recording mix. We have been building our company with team of experienced, dedicated music and sound artists.

Last year, company’s founder and supervisor, Marcin Lenarczyk won Best Sound Prize during most important Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. It is his second prize .

He was also selected, along with our film „Solaris Mon Amour”, to participate in this year’s 14th Shanghai Biennale.

We have worked with world’s production leaders such as: The Criterion Collection , Focus Features, Netflix, HBO, Sky.

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